Stanozolol (Winstrol) – A Complete Guide

What is Stanozolol (Winstrol)?

  • Also Known As: Winny, Stanozolol, Stana, Winstrol Depot (injectable)
  • Used For: Cutting and Athletic Performance
  • Method of Ingestion: Both (primarily Oral)
  • Half Life: 9 hours (oral) and 24 hours (injectable)

About Winstrol

Winstrol is a popular steroid that is used primarily for cutting, contest prep and improving athletic performance. Winstrol can be taken both orally and intramuscularly and is one of the few steroids that can be used by women. There is no real difference between the oral and the injectable version of Winstrol, other than a slight risk to your liver when taken orally (like all oral steroids) and a difference in half-life. The injectable version is not esterised but rather sold in an aqueous suspension (basically mixed with water) and the injections may feel different as a result.

Winstrol was created in the 1960’s and its proper name is Stanozolol. It is derived from the hormone DHT and is used for treating anaemia, hereditary Angioedema and osteoporosis. Winstrol does not convert into oestrogen so it will not cause any aromitazation side effects. Winstrol is extremely anabolic and only slightly androgenic making it a popular choice for stacking.

Winstrol has many positive effects. It will certainly give an increase in athletic performance and strength not just overall strength, but improvements in power, speed and agility. Winstrol will also increase red blood cells although not as much as other steroids and it increases nitrogen retention in the muscles which helps speed up recovery. In addition it will enhance protein synthesis and lowers SHBG (Sex hormone-binding globulin) which is the product in your body that limits the overall effectiveness of steroids. This is why Winstrol is a popular steroid to add to stacks as it can improve the effectiveness of the other steroids. On the cutting side of things Winstrol is excellent at preserving muscle while on a calorie deficient diet, greatly enhances vascularity as well as promotes a dryer and harder physique.

How To Use Stanozolol (Winstrol)

It is important to establish who should use Winstrol before we look at how to use it. A number of Winstrols properties are better serviced by other steroids and as a result Winstrol is commonly misused. There are essentially 3 type of people Winstrol would be perfect for:

1. Athletes

Winstrol is excellent in increasing, strength, power, speed and agility and is why Ben Johnson used to take it before being caught. In particular athletes where the goal is to increase strength and power without adding mass (say sports with weight divisions) will see great benefits including higher red blood cells and faster recovery.

2. Contest Prep/Cutters

Winstrol is excellent for cutting if and only if you are already lean (less than 15% bodyfat). It does aid in fat loss, but if your goal is to lose weight then I would look at other products first. If you want to get the vascular look, get harder and maintain muscle during your calorie deficient diet then Winstrol is a good choice.

3. Women

When it comes to steroid women do not have many choices, but Winstrol is one of the few they can take. It has masculine side effects but within the reasonable range, will promote strength and endurance and help with cutting (if already at a good weight). Even though Anavar would be a better choice for women sometimes price and availability mean they may not be an option.

Cycles And Stacks

The oral version should only be taken for a maximum of 8 weeks, although personally I recommend a max of 6 weeks. The injectable can be taken for almost double this time. Generally Men will take 50mg a day whilst women will take 10mg daily.
When injecting because of the 24 hour half life, you can take Winstrol every other day at 100mg, although a lot of people prefer to take it daily at 50mg. For orals it is best to split your dose because of the short half life and take one in the morning and one in the evening.

When it comes to stacking, Winstrol stacks pretty well with almost everything. For women, I would not stack it at all, the Winstrol alone will be powerful enough to make changes. For the Men cutting, it stacks really well with Test, Tren or EQ. For the athletes, Winstrol by itself will work well but is best stacked with test as it will naturally inhibit the body’s ability to produce test. Here is an example of a simple cutting stack:

Week 1-12 Testosterone 500mg per week
Week 1-8 Equipoise 400mg per week
Week 7-12 Winstrol 50mg every day

Stanozolol (Winstrol) Side Effects

  • Dry Joints
  • Liver Toxicity
  • Painful injections
  • High Cholestorol
  • Increase in Blood Pressure
  • Testoterone suppression

Note: These sides are mild in nature and can be managed or ignored for those in good health. To prevent liver damage for example orals should be limited to 6 weeks. Cholestorol requires a healthy diet and its best stacked with a form of test to avoid testosterone suppression. For more info on dealing with sides, see my side effects article.

PCT from Winstrol (Stanozolol)

Winstrol PCT is fairly straight forward. 4 weeks of Clomid or Nolva starting a few days after your cycle finished. In most cases though the PCT should reflect what you have stacked with the Winstrol and may also require a longer break and HCG after you cycle. A lot of people have no PCT and even though Winstrol is only mildly suppressive I would do a PCT to get my hormone production back to 100%. Steroids are not game for shortcuts.

Winstrol (Stanozolol) FAQ

How long until Winstrol starts working?
You should see the effects in around a week.

What are the particles in the injectable Winstrol?
That is the winstrol, floating in the water. It is always good practice to shake up the vial before using as they can sit on the bottom if left sitting on a shelf. Also these particles can clog the needles at time, so you may need to use a higher gauge.

Can I mix the winstol with my oil injectables?

Why do Winstrol injections hurt?
Oil injections generally hurt less then water solutions. Also if the injection site is inflamed or sore afterwards it may be bacteria in the Winstrol. Because it is water based, bacteria has a much higher chance of growing and it is why injectable Winstrol should be sourced from a reputable source and not an underground lab (UGL) as they most likely won’t have the sterilized laboratory required.

Can I drink the Injectable solution?
Yes, you can drink the solution although its not as effective as injecting it. Also it taste horrible, but if there is bactria in the solution the stomach acid will kill it.

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  1. Shane

    Hey I’m a bulky kinda of dude been going to gym and working out natural but now I’m ready to cut up and want to use winstrol for my first cycle what’s the dose I should use for my first cycle what is the best product I should buy for post cycle therapy will I need estrogen blockers as well for winstrol please some one help me I want to have a smooth sailing steroid cycle for my first cycle I want to have a trouble free cycle so some one who knows there stuff and has been taking stuff,please,give me help thanks

    1. Jake Archer

      Hi Shane,

      You need to run Test along the winstrol – 50mg/day is a pretty normal dose. You will absolutely need an estrogen blocker like Arimidex, but I would post on the forum to get more advice and dial in your cycle to reach your goals.





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