So what do I use next? What do consider after your first, second or last cycle

“So what do I do next?”

This is probably the most common question customers ask themselves and also ask me after they’ve completed Post Cycle Therapy [or their cruise] and are ready for round two, three, four or more. Let’s make sure you’re officially recovered of course if you cycle on and off by checking out my PCT guide here:

It is a psychologically addictive experience; running steroids cycles that is. Especially once you realise it was not as scary as you once may have thought. Especially once you also realise that the health issues associated with anabolic steroid use were over-hyped (and largely manageable for the most part if you do things intelligently). I mean heck, with all of the available information on the web now, you can almost monitor your own health better than your local doctor, seriously. So your confidence is growing and you’re ready to turn things up a notch, but what to use and how much of it to use? Great question. Once again, I’m not going to give you a black and white answer for what is an individual, context specific answer. I can tell you that your decision should be based on these factors:

1.) First and foremost, how healthy are you? Is your health 100%? Do you know for sure whether it is? If not, you should find out first. Remember, even if you care less about your health than the gains, your body will not grow well if it is sick in most cases; at least it will not hold up long term. In my last blog I posted an extensive guide on how to best monitor your health when using performance enhancing drugs. Check it out here:…healthy-hobby/

2.) What are your goals and how fast do you want to get there? This is a legitimate question I want people to ask themselves instead of falling for the trap that you need to grow slowly and you need to do things a certain way, just because that is how most people do things on the forums. Make no mistake, there are men in their early 20’s receiving pro cards now and to suggest that has not got a lot to do with the increase in performance enhancing drug use among the culture, would be a foolish assumption. Of course in most cases, the more you use, the faster you will get to your goals and the greater goals you will likely achieve. Yes, we have all heard of the case report of that one guy who got huge off a light cycle, but that does not mean that applies to most. That also does not mean he was not lying either. I mean, did you all see him inject? I can tell you all firsthand that I have dealt with IFBB professionals and the doses would scare you. They scared me. We have all read the autopsy report for Dallas IFBB PRO, may he rest in peace. If you have not read the report, I suggest you do. He used doses beyond the belief of even some of his peers. Testosterone doses between 10,000-12,000 mg weekly plus! Of course, Dallas is a great example of what doses that high could potentially mean for you if you choose to push the envelope that far. No one knows for sure the exact cause of his death as a whole, but one would be silly to believe the drug use played no role.

So we have there a realisation that we do indeed need to use high doses in most cases to achieve true freak status. If you’re aspiring to become a professional body-builder someday, you’re going to have to consider that you may well be using doses that range from 2000-4000 mg weekly or more, someday really soon. That is just the way the game is these days. With increasing doses, comes the increasing chance of side effects too. But not always. Everyone will react and tolerate these drugs differently to the next person. You’re just going to have to experiment with what compounds and doses you can get away with while pushing yourself. Like a set, like a meal, you will not grow or go anywhere fast if you are always comfortable. You have to get a little uncomfortable. I have seen users who have terrible insomnia and mood issues from a mere 350 mg weekly of trenbolone, then I have seen other users sleep like a baby and feel like a king on 1000 mg weekly of trenbolone. The individual variance is large and for that reason, I cannot make any definitive prescriptions for you other than not to copy anyone else and expect to look and feel the same as they do. Use your brain, think scientifically. Control as many variables as possible and ensure you have a big set of nuts even when you have no nuts.

3.) What is your budget? Of course, Human Growth Hormone, IGF-1 and other exotic additions to your steroid cycle really can be nothing short of amazing at the right doses, but not if it chews your income to a point where you cannot afford the food to fuel the gains. You need to ask yourself where you draw the line when it comes to budget. If you only have X amount to play with, spend it all on good old fashion steroids. Leave the HGH and the exotics out. As great as they can be, they are not bang for your buck. If you have no budget on the other hand, you only live once. Get it in there and see what you’re made of! HGH, T3, peptides, insulin, ancillaries, the works. Win at all costs if you can afford the costs. You’ll never know until you try.

So we have summarised the three key deciding factors when constructing your next cycle.

1.) Health Status
2.) Goals
3.) Budget

For some, after they analyse these three points, they will be increasing their shopping cart. For others, they may not cycle again. Ask yourself honestly if the juice is worth the squeeze. For me it was. Okay, okay so you really want some kind of mathematics from me before I conclude here. Fine, here you go. I will let you try what has worked for the majority of clients of mine. I call it the 500 mg rule. Whenever you are ready to push further, I allow 500 mg of either the same or different steroid to be added. That could be adding 500 mg every cycle, or it could even be adding 500 mg every 8 weeks! It all depends on your goal, but the 500 mg rule is a good threshold to see some notable changes. Stay healthy, bump it up 500 mg next time. See how you fair.


I hope this helps! Any specific questions related to this post do not hesitate to ask in the comments section below or email us at
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