Other Use Cases for Performance Enhancing Drugs – Part 1

Among the underground community, steroids and other performance enhancing drugs are most often targeted at only two main industries; the industry of competitive sports and physique enhancement. Further narrowed down these medications are predominantly targeted at body-builders and bros who want to look good at the beach. Of course, in 2018 there are other applications for these medications that are in equal demand now; of equal difficulty to obtain legally or with prescription as well. The medical system in Australia is set up so that the patient receives care if they are in a dis-eased state, but not if they are otherwise okay and would like to go from good to great. It is seen as unethical to prescribe a medication to someone if they do not “need” it. But what if we want it? Are there ways to cheat nature a little so that we can enjoy an even more fulfilled life? Well, the short answer is yes. Not all of performance enhancing drug use has to be at the extreme end of the scale to see a massive benefit as well. It is my opinion that as the awareness for the utility of these drugs grow and as the dogma behind PED slowly dies, I think we will end up seeing more people using these medications for life optimisation than the other common use cases where people are using much higher doses that obviously carry more health risks. So, what are these other use cases for PED’s then?

1.) Low dose Testosterone for both men and women. Although the reasoning behind the use case of low dose testosterone requires an article in itself [which will come], It is clear that as men and women age, testosterone depletes in a large portion of all populations as low as before 30 years old in Western societies. Now that the risks of exogenous testosterone use (synthetic testosterone) have been shown time and time again to be very low risks, it is not a bad idea to consider the use of testosterone at doses of up to 150-200 mg weekly as a male and up to 10-20 mg weekly as a female. What I have noticed in my clinical experience, is that there is a larger portion of people with sub-optimal levels of testosterone because of the modernised Western culture that we live among. Lose sleep, testosterone can take a dive. Eat poor foods, testosterone can take a dive. Drink alcohol, testosterone can take a dive. Stress out, testosterone can take a dive. Breathe the god damn polluted air and testosterone could probably take a dive. I’m sure you get my point. Almost anything in society today could negatively impact testosterone levels. Unless you’re willing to live in the rainforest, exfoliate your face with the river bank sand and relax among your hut made of palm tree leaves all day long, it is almost impossible to avoid every potential stressor that could negatively impact your endocrine system. So, is pre-emptively taking testosterone at a slightly higher dose than you would naturally have really such a risky choice when you consider what is likely to happen if you do not take testosterone? Your blood levels while taking exogenous testosterone cannot be negatively affected by lifestyle choices and environmental interactions. Now, if you’re anything like me, I like to stay up some nights to binge watch TV shows [Breaking Bad is my favourite] and chow down on some tasty snacks. None of these choices are good for my natural testosterone. I know which choice I’ve made. Actually, I don’t stop at testosterone to mitigate these almost inevitable health complications either.

2.) Metformin, Human Growth Hormone and/or other Growth Hormone Secretagogues. No, why would I stop at testosterone when there are more benefits to be had with a little synergistic combination of Metformin, HGH and GHS? I mean geez, I am getting old now. I’m going to prevent my skin from getting all wrinkly and “weathered.” Aside from how I do not want to look old, I don’t want to feel or be old either. Age gracefully they said. Umm? That is a terrible saying. There is nothing graceful about your skin looking like a prune, your energy slowly but surely fading and your libido? The key word here is prevent. Prevention is the best cure and as the science currently suggests, preventative measures are your best chance of anti ageing treatment. Once you’re aged, hope seems much less. I am positive that something along the lines of stem cell treatment will solve that dilemma too one day but until further notice, prevent the inevitable ladies and gentlemen. Of course, once again the reasoning and use case of metformin, HGH and/or other GHS requires an article in itself (also to come), but there is no doubt many people will see a massive benefit in energy, well being, libido, skin health, recovery and general health with the sensible dosing of the above listed medications. I know, I know. You want me to give you some dosage recommendations. Sure thing. Just keep in mind these are rough guidelines and from individual to individual the dose will vary depending on goals, risk factors and history. Try this:

2-4 iu of Human Growth Hormone daily

500-1000 mg Metformin twice daily

100 mcg Ipamorelin and 100 mcg Mod-Grf 2 x daily

Yes, in many cases these doses will likely put you slightly above the physiological range which is also known as the normal range. Remember though, this article is also for those who want to go from good to great. Normal is, well, normal. On that note, we can do that too if you have a deficiency; which is not that difficult to correct. The most difficult part about correcting a hormone deficiency in Australia is finding a doctor both educated and willing to do it for you that does not cost you massive amounts of time and money before you can get started. I guess that is why the underground community is growing so popular in this field of PED use also. People are fed up with a medical system that does not always provide the best solution for the patient. The medical system in Australia does care, but it cares for business first, health second. Okay, testosterone therapy, HGH/GHS and some Metformin every day. Anything else I can take to speed up the process of looking and feeling my best? Well, yes. But just don’t take these next medications everyday like the others.

3.) Anavar. Anavar at 10-15 mg a day for a woman and up to 40 mg a day for a man has shown to be well tolerated and extremely effective for gains in lean muscle and fat loss. The side effects? Affected SHBG, very mild elevations in liver function and lipid tests that return to normal once the Anavar is stopped. Your risk vs reward here is very good if you ask me. I strongly doubt an 8-12 week course of Anavar here and there is going to be something you’ll regret.

4.) Clenbuterol. At low doses, Clenbuterol is quite safe. At higher doses, not safe at all. Of course, the danger is in the dose, not the poison and unfortunately in the case of Clenbuterol, yes, the higher doses are more effective for fat loss. But that does not mean you will not see a great benefit from Clenbuterol with little (and in many cases no noticeable) unwanted side effects. You don’t have to be shaking like a Parkinson’s disease patient to know Clenbuterol is working or not. 40 mcg of Clenbuterol a day, 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off will provide a nice and steady decrease in fat and even a little anabolic benefit also.

5.) Micro dosing Melanotan 2 for a nice tan. Melanotan 2 I have found to be either a love or hate medication among many users. Yes, the side effects can often be enough to deter many away from using Melanotan 2 but there are some tips I have to mitigate as best as possible these side effects. Common unwanted side effects from Melanotan 2 include nausea, flushing, headache, fatigue, stomach cramps, high blood pressure and increased and/or darkening of freckles. If you simply cut back on the dose to 50-100 mcg 1-2 x daily of Melanotan 2 and take a non-drowsy anti-histamine in the morning 45 minutes prior to your injection, you will see a massive, if not complete reduction of these unwanted side effects. For those of you not sensitive to MT2, I would say until further notice this medication is likely safe and to continue dosing as you have been. Do not believe in sensationalist articles written by fear mongers that supposedly reveal the ugly “truth” about Melanotan 2.

6.) Daily HCG and Clomid use as an adjuvant or monotherapy for Testosterone replacement. In Australia, being 10 years late to a medical therapy is common practice. For quite some time now Clomid monotherapy at 12.5-25 mg every day or every other day is now used instead of exogenous Testosterone in some cases where the HPTA is not entirely wasted. The same is for HCG monotherapy where micro dosing of 100-150 iu daily is providing a positive benefit for many on the borderline of Testosterone deficiency. HCG of course can be used in conjunction with exogenous Testosterone also. Many report the combination of HCG and Testosterone provides added well-being and libido benefits aside from the testicular fullness and fertility preservation purpose of HCG use. Which of the combinations would be right for you is a deeper discussion that needs to be had for each individual.

7.) Daily Proviron use for libidio and well-being. Because Proviron acts like DHT and DHT is responsible for playing major roles in libido, well-being and cognitive function in men, daily proviron use at 12.5-25 mg 2 x daily should provide a minimally harmful, yet maximally beneficial effect for those who are either suffering or would like an added boost to these very important areas of their lives.

I hope this helps! Any specific questions related to this post do not hesitate to ask in the comments section below or email us at [email protected]
– Dave from Austeroids.is

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