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No Longer Valid – Please see this article instead:

Update: 04 November 2015

Napsgear accept bitcoins now (at a tidy discount as well). If you prefer to use Western Union still please click here for the latest address. I have been having trouble answering emails in good time, so I have put this sensitive info on the forum which I will update once a month with the new address.


The Good News

Not to let my loyal readers done I contacted Napsgear and demanded a solution for all of us Aussies and to their credit they delivered. You can now use Western Union for payments with the details I have below. I tested it out and my purchase went through with no problems and the online Western Union transfer went through without issue as well. Now you can access their massive range with no minimum purchase amount.

Now for the Details:

The issue was that Napsgear did not provide a full address which is required for Australian Western Union transfers. So they set one specifically for us:

I have been asked by Napsgear to remove the information from being viewed publicly. Please email me if you want the current contact info.

The only thing to look out for is when you submit your details to napsgear the dropdown box will have the incorrect info in it (see below). Simply put in the comments; “paid to this address” and add the address above in there. It worked fine for me.


So if you want to place an order than head over to napsgear now.

If you need any more help or have any troubles please contact me, I would love to give you a hand.

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  1. sten

    i have problem with napsgear ,the send my oder to another country and already 2 month since i order i try figure-out to receive my order, they asked to provide some paper which said i not receive order.its stupid because they see its arrived to another country.just be carful with them

  2. Jay

    hello Jake, this is a shot in the dark but I may go with naps im an American living in cambodia and wanted your thoughts about vials and tabs getting through customs? I asked them but they couldnt give me any info because of their policy. just the success rate, appreciate your opinion.

    1. Jake Archer

      Sorry Jay, I wouldn’t have the slightest clue about cambodian customs or punishments for that matter. My assumption is that it would be less strict purely on budget terms but I have nothing to back that up.

        1. Jake Archer

          They sell direct from the manufacturers from countries where the products are legal. If they were legalised here, you would pay very little for gear, but for now we can only dream…

          1. Tim

            Had a question, hopefully you can provide some explanation or so alternative solution… I ordered from naps about 2 weeks ago or so… the sent an email saying my current order status was CANCELLED… My method of payment was with WU.. napsgear provided Ukraine as reciever counrty.. kind of odd but I continued anyway… is WU a viable method or do u recommend.something else

    1. Jake Archer

      Hi Josh,

      Best to ask them, but I am pretty sure they don’t. I don’t think they like dealing with customs more than once πŸ™‚

  3. I just wanted to say, thanks to you endorsing gear Oz Jake I’m on my 2nd order, pricey, but you’re guaranteed youll get it and its quality gear, two days from order paid till delivery, awesome, I want to order from naps but just don’t wanna risk it

    1. Jake Archer

      No worries. I use to use Naps all the time, but if you lost a couple of orders in a row, you were out of pocket pretty bad, but more importantly you could of wasted 6 weeks trying to get it in so anything domestic has a huge upside.

  4. Indy

    Hey Jake,
    I have been ordered a clean/teen cycle from some dodgy guys. They pinched my money and never reply to my emails.
    What are the chances of getting gears in vic buddy?

    1. Albin

      Hello jake.i just order now online and i just wondering which adress from the receiver i have to write on western union?cheers!

  5. Jake C

    Hi Jake, I know you mentioned in the explanation your online Western Union transfer went through no worries, but when i confirmed my order it clearly says “do not send money online, the transaction may be held for verification”. Must i follow the steps and pay in person at my local western union agent (post office), or do I simply ignore and transfer online? P.S First time having anything to do with western union. TIA.

    1. Jake Archer

      Its up to you, I know that online payments work, but I also know that Napsgear tell you not to. If you don’t fell comfortable it only takes 10 minutes at your local post office or WU so its really up to you.

  6. Huw

    Tried getting some oral Tren through Naps. Shipped on the 18/12/14. Still hasn’t arrived……safe to assume Customs has it, although I’ve yet to receive a seizure letter. Do they ever take this long to ship?

  7. shane hardy

    hey jake i purchased a cycle through your napsgear payment system was looking good till i recieved my siezure letter was spewin they left the pct took the rest might give oz gear a go ,good website mate heaps of good info.

  8. Peter M

    Hello Jake just wanted to know if Clen would make it through Customs. I would like to place an order on Nasp. Just wanted to know I know they can be a pain.

    1. Jake Archer

      TBH you just never know. Most of the clen that I dealt with got through, if I had to put a number on it around 80%. I still have not worked out how customs catches some and misses so many others.

  9. Brendon

    I ordered nolvadex and anadrol from napsgear. nolvadex came through within 2 weeks of placing order. Got a seizure letter for the anadrol. It seems there is a high rate of peoples steroids getting taken by customs but pct products come through fine.

  10. Christian warley

    Hey i am new to melbourne I was looking for a stack to go on, haven’t had much luck with people, was wanting to run test tren and dbol
    Kind reqards

    1. Jake Archer

      Napsgear and Gear Oz are solid options. Napsgear is cheaper but you have to get through customs still. Try the link on the right hand side of the page.

  11. Joel

    Hey Jake, Just a quick question was wondering if you know what type of gear is in Napsgear steroid satchets and would that be a safe option for ordering Injectables ?

    1. Jake Archer

      Have not used them myself but I have good reviews online (so take that with a grain of salt). Definitely a better chance of getting through customs though.

  12. Len

    Firstly thanks Jake for the site, great stuff.
    I ordered Test E and Nolvadex on Napsgear. They sent them in separate packages and so far only received the Nolvadex. It’s been 2 weeks since the Nolvadex arrived so Im guessing the Test E didn’t make it through. I’ll give the Aussie supplier a shot and post how that goes.

      1. Len

        The Test E finally arrived, took 3-4 weeks to get here. I’d already bought some more through the Aussie supplier too (which hasn’t arrived yet). Just gave myself the first injection. Thanks again for the site!

  13. G’day ,
    I really need help with what to buy. I’ve read through your great info but I’m still not sure what to get. There’s so much to choose from. This will be my first time using, I’ve worked out naturally for ten years but want to take it to the next level. I want to buy the best quality but I have no idea where to start. If you could spare the time could you point me in the right direction. I’m not sure what brand / stack to get.

    Thanks very much


    1. Jake Archer

      Easiest way to go is the beginners stack. Its not a bad stack at all, but I tend to be cautious and recommend a Test E only stack with arimidex incase you have some sides. Its the safest way to go and still very effective.

      1. Thanks heaps Jake, Just one more question. What brand, I’m going nuts trying to choose. I google some and they get mixed reviews. Is there any one lab that is reliable human grade etc.

        Cheers again


  14. Darren

    Jake. Just want to say a big thanks for this being set up I received my order today so very happy. your site is very helpful for us beginners thanks heaps again

  15. Mark greenway

    Hey jake if all goes well smoothly I am even happy to give you a tip, for your efforts and hard work mate hit me up please when you can cheers.

    1. Jake Archer

      Your a gentlemen Mark but I got burnt badly last time I helped out with Napsgear. You can now go direct with western union using the info above and I highly recommend you do. They do a great job, the only problem being customs. Alternatively you can try for an aussie supplier who takes paypal, may be easier for you. Either way Good Luck.

  16. Mark greenway

    Hi jake

    I was going to make a purchase on buy steroids website but was a bit skeptical about it!! Did se reading up and came across your forum and updates, do you recomend them? I just wana but some stuff and it’s so freakin hard and co fusing on where to go?
    I see everyone is giving you great feedback and you seem to be honest! Can I order my stuff through you please if that’s ok and what do I need to do and how?
    I am after anavar and clen b. Or do I just order from naps gear? Sorry if I’m repeating myself just don’t wana be scammed! If you could send me an email that would be great mate cheers and hope to hear from you soon as I’m keen as to get started.
    Many thanks mark

  17. Shane

    Very late reply, but everything was smooth as could be, came through no worries, on week 6 and seeing great results! Could not be happier, was concerned I was going to be scammed but boy was I stoked when they showed up! Thanks for the service…. A true legend

    1. Jake Archer

      I love some good feedback. Its sad that there is so much scamming around but makes you appreciate it more πŸ™‚ Thanks for posting and good luck with the rest of your cycle.

      1. Andy

        When trying to do western union. It says do not send money online transactional may be held for verification. Shall I ignore this or not. And if I need to verify how will I go about it

        1. Jake Archer

          Its up to you, the few test that have been done have had no issues with the online payment. If an issue does occur and verification is required you can cancel the transaction and the money is returned. If you are concerned it only takes like 15 mins to do it at a local Western Union agent which works fine so you may be best getting peace of mind that way.

      2. Shayne

        Hey Jake just wanted to say thumbs up on the good work not to many people have a good heart these days. I will be ordering shortly and am a rookie so may i ask if u could email me the procedures & tips please. Your advise will be greatly appreciated as i have never taken before. Thanks heaps Jake and cheers your a champion.

  18. Lola

    Hi Jake,

    Just wanting to confirm with you that the Western Union address details you published above –

    Andrei Tudos,
    22 Pacii St
    Causeni, Moldova

    were still applicable for aussies to use for napsgear?

    Thank you!

  19. Raff

    Hey Jake,
    I read that the success rate is 80/90% does that mean that the other 20% are only getting seizure letters or has anyone had a visit from the boys in blue??

    1. Jake Archer

      The boys in blue success rate is 0% πŸ™‚ Honestly have not heard of anyone getting in trouble, I assume they wait for very large shipments. Not everyone gets seizure letters, I would say less then half, most of the time if your shipment doesn’t make it through, nothing at all happens, you generally keep waiting for a shipment that doesn’t come.

    1. Jake Archer

      I have set up with napsgear so that you can use western union. I had to get a special address for my Aussie readers, but I made a purchase this week that went through fine. I will be updating this page shortly with the info.

  20. Martin Cotterell


    I’m currently living in Melbourne, Australia and I’m wondering how simple it is for products to be delivered here or is there usually an issue with getting it through customs?

    1. Jake Archer

      I worked out that the success rate for getting past customs is around 80-90%. Orals were better than injectables but not by much, so if you order through them that will be your chances. Good Luck

    1. Jake Archer

      Guys, the service is discontinued. I am sorry about that. I will have an update in the next week or so with some new options guys.

  21. Joseph M

    Hey Jake, It’s good what your doing here we all need some guidence/a reliable source.
    I just placed an order this morning for just a couple of PCT products, small order. I was wondering if you received my order today.

    Thanks mate,

    1. Jake Archer

      Thanks Joseph, I am working on a huge beginner series to hopefully avoid all the emails I get asking the same questions πŸ™‚ Keep an eye posted for it, as for your order, all was received well and I have sent you an email

  22. Hey jake. Just wondering if u can do me up a price for 15 vials of dragon pharma test e with postage. Just need to know a price in aussie dollars so we can split it up three ways. Thanks mate.

      1. Na mate. Two miss shipments and then got picked up by customs on the third go.
        Don’t order from a country that can’t speak English. Fuckin hopeless.

  23. Nabhan Khan

    Hey man, i made an order through this page this morning and i was wondering when i will be receiving the paypal invoice

  24. James

    Hey there Jake,
    I was just wondering if you had received my order that I sent through this site earlier. Just let me know through this or email thanks.

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