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I am proud to announce I have set up a new steroid-forum for all the gym junkies, steroid users and people trying to change their life. No topics are off limits in the forum (like other sites) its an opportunity to ask questions about anything and get answers from people of all types of experience (including myself). So here are the top 5 reasons to register today:

1. Prizes to be won 

For the month on May 2015 we have a series of prizes to give away to anyone who registers. To enter the competition or find out more details see the forum.

2. Get some personal answers from me (and others)

I only write up generic post on this site, some may gain benefits from others may not. I also get a heap of emails and blog comments asking me more personal questions which I struggle to answer, but by using the forum I can give you my personal advice as its much easier for me to respond to. The benefit of course is if someone has a similar question I have an an answer already that I can point them to.

3. Ask about anything

A lot of bodybuilding forums will not let you discuss illegal topics such as Steroids. Well I wanted a forum where everything can be discussed, there is nothing more dangerous then a lack of information in my opinion.

4. Speak directly with experienced steroid users & UGLs

The forum is supported by a large community of steroid users and UGLs, you can speak to them directly through the forum, as well as speak with other users who have used there gear. If you still had concerns then the forum is the place to be.

5. A Great bunch of Guys (and gals)

Most of the members already are just great people, with tons of experience and happy to help out wherever they can. A lot of them are from Australia and have fitness backgrounds but more then that, the forum is an exciting and entertaining place to be and a good chance to meet some awesome people.

If you have read this far you will be wanting to join I assume and you can do that by registering at the forum here.

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  1. Kay

    Hi, I have a question about Roid-stop as I bought some gear off them 3 weeks ago and I have not heard anything from them! I am getting no replies off them does anyone knows if they went under or something?!

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