Guest Post: What You Didn’t Know About Trenbolone (Tren)

The 500:500 Anabolic and Androgenic ratio of Trenbolone has long-suggested it is the big daddy of the steroid world, but just how much do you truly know about the compound despite the usual rumours and ‘universally accepted’ rumblings?

Perhaps you didn’t know that Tren’s (and all Nandrolone’s) comparatively weak, actual Androgenic effect in the body is what makes it such an efficient muscle building Anabolic – which can even further be increased by blocking this Androgenic pathway? Obviously not recommended by the way, as we need our Androgenic syncope to be… well, men.

Or maybe you didn’t realise that although Trenbolone doesn’t convert to Estradiol via the Aromatase enzyme, that it can still induce gyno and excess Estrogen symptoms caused by high E2?

One thing’s for sure – remember that all of the touted effects of Trenbolone, positive or negative, are almost exclusively expressed FOR CATTLE. Convince yourself as you might, Tren was not, is not and never will be designed for human grade consumption. Meaning there are untold mysteries about what the hell it even does inside the human body, apart from muscle building. *cue Stranger Things theme*.

Let’s tackle a few lesser-knowns.

So no Aromatization? Hell yeah, I’m good to go right?!

Not exactly. It’s true that Trenbolone doesn’t aromatize directly, yes. But what about all of that Testosterone you’re throwing in, that has now been displaced at the AR’s by the more pro-binding affinity of the Trenbolone? You guessed it – that Free Test has absolutely nothing better to do IN THE WORLD, than Chill on the Flix of Net… and convert into E2 as soon as Aromatase gets its hands on it. You want to know why it seems that most people do better on the “Tren higher than Test” bandwagon? You’ve just answered that question. Good for you bro! Have a cookie. Less Test means LESS chance of unnecessary aromatization on the flipside. Because more Tren means more chance of Test aromatization.

Estradiol and Prolactin are, in a manner of speaking, influentially interchangeable. High Estradiol can induce high Prolactin, and high Prolactin can induce high Estradiol. Bad news when one is running two compounds such as Test and Tren, which are just dying to be converted into those respective hormones further down the steroidal axis chain.

This is the same reason that gyno can still show up with Tren usage, despite a solid protocol of AI and even Anti-Prolactin use! Plenty of the time because the AI’s are criminally under-dosed but even more of the time, because whatever protocol is being used is NOT enough to counter the huge displacement of Testosterone by the highly androgenic, the highly anabolic, the amazing Spiderman Trenbolone.

E2 and Prolactin just keep tagging themselves into the ring back and forth, spurring one another on until both climb way out of range. And usually by that point it is already too late. If there is one, single time in the usage of anabolic steroids to have a solid system of anti-estrogen and anti-gyno ancillaries in place, it is when you are damn-well using a compound that converts into the hormone responsible for lactating breasts in pregnant women. Take a leaf out of Nike’s book and just do it. No “but AI’s cost money”. No “but my source can’t get Caber”. No “what if I wait until I have issues and then start taking them”. If you don’t have access to good AI, anti-Prolactin and the capacity to take them from day 1, you don’t run Tren. Period. End of story. Do not pass go, no $200 for you good sir.

I’m either a sex pest who wants to bang the GILF in HR or even a tree, OR I can’t get it up for Margot Robbie in Honey Birdette. Tell a brother why, would you?

Wellity wellity wellity. What if I told you, that it has NOTHING to do with the Tren? … … … Well, I would actually be lying, because part of it does have to do with the Tren, and conversely, part of it doesn’t.

First of all, forget all this nonsense you’ve heard about ‘how much Tren converts to DHT and that’s why you lose hair’ and other such bicep-twirling bro-science nonsense. Trenbolone is a Nandrolone at the end of the day. And Nandrolones don’t even convert to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). They convert, via 5α-R (5αlpha-Reductase), to DHN (Dihydronandrolone). To call our title of this article into the conversation: what you probably didn’t know is that DHN is actually a comparatively piss-weak androgen, when placed against DHT. And we all know (or should) how potent DHT is to male sexual characteristics even when compared to our primary male sex steroid hormone Testosterone.

DHT and DHN show up in all tissues where 5α-R expresses itself – that is the skin, hair, scrotum, penis etc. In addition, you can see why such highly-touted nonsense to the effect of ‘if I block 5α-R then pure Tren will reach my hair and make me bald quicker’, is unadulterated fantasy considering the compound must first 5α-Reduce before it can even express itself at these Reductase Androgenic Sites. What Tren WILL do, is convert more TEST, to DHT.

This is where your androgen sensitivity comes into play. Imagine this. You’re throwing in all of that Tren, which is then converting to DHN once it is 5αlpha-Reduced. But the DHN is a weak androgen, and it’s hitting your penile area. Once you’ve built up enough DHN – usually a few weeks into cycle – it can be game over for the team downstairs.

Conversely, remember that because you’re higher on the Tren hitting muscle AR’s, you have a lot more Free Test floating around which, also, can convert to DHT via 5α-R, going on to hit the same Androgen Receptors downstairs and UPSTAIRS too. Meaning an irrationally high sex drive and an acceleration in hair-loss if you are susceptible to it. The reason I mention androgen sensitivity in particular, is because some men do in-fact feel terrible when, alas, their DHT is even too high. It is what it is to be frank. Or bill. Or bob. Those of you with ‘throbbing prostates’, ED, or sexual assault charges on Tren should actually be blaming Test. Any androgenic feelings from Tren are actually caused by displaced Test, because the Androgen that Tren converts into is laughably weak. And if you run Tren without Test, you’ll only suffer moreso by increasing the weaker DHN tenfold and removing all feel-good DHT.

Have you ever noticed a profound, euphoric ‘good’ feeling while on Tren, followed by an often-horrendous feeling of doom and uncertainty? One is the anti-depressant effect of heightened DHT, and the other, is the pathetically weak androgenic effect of heightened DHN taking over. Perhaps you may also have acknowledged that Masteron (Drostanolone), when added to a Tren cycle, helps you maintain sexual prowess and a positive mental feeling? In essence you can now see why = even MORE Free Test by lowering SHBG, and therefore MORE DHT conversion to throw the DHN off balance. It has very little to do with the actual Drostanolone compound itself, but its effects on Testosterone.

Everybody has their sweet spot but for many, Tren will always be a bedroom killer via DHN and for others, DHT will take hold more of the time. Combine this with the Dopamagenic effect of lowered Prolactin with something like Cabergoline and you can see why in a roundabout way, the sexual functioning while on Trenbolone essentially isn’t caused in and of itself by the compound at all.

The simple fix here is to try and adjust your dosages or pinning schedule to ensure there is a solid DHT conversion process whenever there is potential for DHN exposure. This can mean ED pinning for some, while for others it could mean less Tren and more Test, but often entails LESS Test, regardless of whether the Tren is maintained or raised. The sweet spot consists of enough Tren to be anabolically efficient – which as it is so strong is rarely more than 400mg – 450mg – and enough Test to spur DHT, but not spur Aromatase activity – usually no more than 150mg – 200mg / week.

I love being shredded, full and strong but Tren messes with my head! Options?

Straight out of the gate, Trenbolone all too often raises its cattle-borne past by revealing a frequently sinister side-effect of trolling your mental capacity. Once again – the stuff is not made for humans. It is designed to beef up pre-slaughter cattle during orientation and transport.

Tren has a superb ability to instigate anxiety and self-consciousness typically associated with the poor androgenic influence of DHN, but to this date not enough study has been done to illicit any solid data on Trenbolone’s mental effects. The compound has however been linked with 5ht antagonization with a direct correlation to Serotonin levels. Common conceptions include a depletion of Serotonin and GABA, HOWEVER, Trenbolone has also been shown to cause Serotonin Syndrome-like effects, including nightmarish dreams, loss of appetite and sweating from highly INCREASED levels of Serotonin. Whether this is the body’s attempt to correct a depletion through a feedback loop is yet to be determined, and we’re not aiming to speculate, but those with anxiety are urged to start slow or forego the Texas T, sweetener (Tren). And those on SSRI’s are warned to stay off entirely. Once again, bumping DHT up can help, so hit the Creatine (heightened 5α-R) and don’t be afraid to add a little Mast or Proviron to Free the Test up for more DHT conversion especially near the end of a cycle. A little goes a long way when you only want the DHT / Androgenic effects and aren’t using them as their actual compounds.

BTW, if I eat carbs on Tren, sometimes it feels like crack or OG Jack3d?

Nandrolones inherently carry the unwelcome onslaught of low blood sugars, particularly when run in high doses. This is due to a decreased fasting glucose AND falsely elevated blood sugar levels through sole insulin glucose uptake from the hormone directly. Which in bro terms means, if you’re running high Tren and eating high carbs, you’re gonna have a bad time. Which is a shame because Tren is an excellent bulker provided one can eat enough, which rarely happens. These spikes and drops WILL cause insulin resistance if you do it long enough and can provoke Type 1 Diabetes. If you’re getting jittery after eating carbs or sugar, you’re running too much Tren and need to lower your dose, regardless of whether or not you’re eating carbs – which we all need at some point. Eliminating carbs is not the fix here.

The other prevailing factor is that Tren can not only raise blood pressure, but takes solid hits at the Thyroid hormones AND Lipids. Your body uses CholeSTEROL to make STEROid hormones, and when you are feeding it with exogenous and highly potent steroid hormones, these lipid profiles get hit HARD with nowhere else to go but up and down, negatively on their respective sides (LDL, HDL). Not good when an AI like Arimidex also hits Cholesterol hard. Always blood test before a Tren cycle so you know what baseline is, as it can often take many months for things to return to normal despite the compound having left the system. And go slow. It’s not every day one has to worry about getting ‘too’ big on a compound, but that is the very reality of Tren. The stuff is V E R Y potent. Treat it with respect and it will reward you tenfold. Treat it like a toy and it will smash your sodomite backside harder than Johnny Sins.

Hair-loss man… Some guys can pull off the bald Greek God. I’m not one of them, what do I do?

Well, because of the various versions of the 5α-R enzyme, one particular version known as 5α-R1 is expressed in the fetal scalp. Like many genetic hormonal factors – including your muscle insertions, bone size and even your height – this hair-loss sensitivity is predetermined by your genetic makeup in the womb long before you are even considered a human being.
So, you’re welcome to blame good ol’ mum and dad (or more specifically your mother’s father) for whatever hair-loss gains that are bestowed upon you, regardless of what compounds you are considering using. But unfortunately, if it’s going to happen… it’s gonna happen. You need Test and DHT in your system, so the ever-present hair-loss androgen will always be increased with Tren usage (as said the Tren itself won’t do it directly), and you are asking for permanent trouble by blocking 5α-R and lowering DHT. Your best bet here is to utilise a localised site blocker, normally found in selected shampoo treatments, to prevent 5α-R androgenic activity exclusively on the scalp.

Have any questions, diagree on any points or just want to thank me? Then leave your comment below kofr discuss on our anabolic steroid fourms
Dr Gearnonymous

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  1. Hey Doc can you please tell me what is a SSRI ?
    in your Post.
    Can you please write me a First TREN TEST and? Cutting Cycle. With Caber and GW-501516 N2guard and EVERYTHING i will need for a SAFE Cycle .Last cycle i had 3 Blood Tests with Don at Bloodworks.
    I have done 5 Test C 12 week 500mg cycle and 1 Test C at 500mg for 12 weeks and Winstol for the last 6 weeks at 50 mg per day.
    PCT CLOMID. 6 Days a week gym with appropriate Diet. I’m 89 kgs Thank you for your time and guidance.

    1. Vinny

      Sometimes you’ve got to handle the research yourself mate and judging by that cycle you’ve now learned the hard way 🙁

      Wouldn’t it make more sense to ask a question like that on a steroid forum so you’ll get A) Numerous thoughts, opinions and experiences etc thus learning LOTS more yourself

      and B) not waiting for someone who is clearly a busy person to make time just for YOU, someone who enjoys specifying that they want ALL THIS DONE JUST FOR YOU when it’d not only be helping YOU but maybe even beneficial for OTHERS too who may have similar questions and can then read it for themselves on the forum? And “what is a SSRI?” … it comes up in a bold sentence when you type that question into google lol 😛 roids and laziness will get you nowhere mate

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