Get a blood test in Australia without seeing the doctor (Part 1)

Have you been looking for a way to get a blood test in Australia without a Doctor?

If you are like me you take your health seriously but don’t need a lecture by a know-it-all judgemental doctor.

Well Jake has kindly pointed me in the right direction and asked me to write about my experience so if you want to get your bloods done as well, then this is the solution for you.

The site in question is run by Don Kelly a qualified doctor. The site is pretty average looking so I was a little apprehensive but the experience has been amazing.

Basically you send $150 to Don via Paypal for his service. He will give you a call in the next couple of days to go over what you are planning to do and ask you some general health questions, absolutely no judging going on at all but he needs some basic info to do his job properly.

He will email you a 8 different blood collection providers and you need to pick one that is closest to you to use. Don will go through the options available with you and you select exactly what parts of the blood you would like to be tested. Every additional option increases your cost, mine totalled around $140 and can be seen below:


Now you need to take it to the correct company as it’s considered a commercial blood test (you are paying for it). I went to the wrong one and was unable to get it done in the morning (after waiting nearly an hour – argh). I ended up having it done later in the day but was unable to fast correctly which skewed my results a little bit. I wouldn’t recommend doing this as it has an effect on the results although in my case it wasn’t too much of an issue.

A few days later Don will email the results to you and then give you a phone call a little later to discuss the results in detail. This was invaluable as my understanding was somewhat limited if I am honest. He will also give you some advice on what to take, supplements that may help and some extra advice that he sees in the result (like taking flaxseed oil for me). Turns out my test levels are at the very low end of the normal spectrum, and my cholesterol is a little high to my surprise. You can see my results below:

(Click for a larger view)

blood1 blood2
blood3 blood4

If you have a good doctor who will test these things with medicare footing the bill then that is obviously the way to go. Although Dons advice is better for those on cycle as he has specialised in this field and knows what he is talking about. If you can’t find a good doctor (which is hared then you think these days) for $300 it is an invaluable tool which I recommend everyone take advantage of. After I start my cycle about week 4 or 5 in I will get another blood test to compare the results so keep a look out for Part 2.

Any questions can also be asked on our steroid forum.

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