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  • De Loading when on cycle

    I'm currently doing 531 with extra accessory work in as well. Wanted to find out if when you guys are on cycle if you do a proper "De Loading" Phase, given the improved recovery, I'm not,I'm just bridging with 80% ish 1rm . Is it worth de loading even though you obviously don't feel like you need it ?

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    I did a de load few weeks ago during cycle, I recommend it bro. First couple of days back, felt flat and felt weaker (possibly mental) but the second week everything was flying, weight, strength and size. Also had shoulder injuries with I felt it helped to rest up.


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      Absutely worth it mate

      do you normally have any periodisation in your training?


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        I’ve done multiple 5-3-1 wendler logs and the de load is needed. I’ve skipped it and it shows by the last week of that period in the AMRAP.


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          I prefer to deload intuitively on my own routines rather than scheduled but often with set programs the deload is slotted nicely in between the structure of the training blocks.


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            Age can be a factor. At 34 I find things are different than 25. 531 is my life, I find a de load every 5-6 weeks works best for my lifestyle and recovery capabilities if sticking to the traditional 4x a week and BBB kind of template.

            Nowdays i auto regulate and base everything around my career, family and how my body feels. Generally this way no deload is needed per say, but yes managing your loads is 100% advised.

            For me, a father of two and 50 working hours a week and a working partner finding the balance between under training and over training is the key. And having the energy to ****en kill it in the gym!


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              Thanks crew for you input, Monarch I get it !! I work 60hrs, and have a 3yr old and 7mth old. Deloading is tough when you still feel soo good though. I definatley do it when im off cycle, my Body lets me know when its due. The only thing holding me back now is the Tren pumps !!


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                I use this periodically.