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Having dysfunction downstairs

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  • Having dysfunction downstairs

    Prolactin and estro are right in the middle of normal range
    test is 80

    cialis doesn’t seem to work

    anyone had this or can chime in with some knowledge?

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    Hey mate. Are you using an A.I ? Was the testing for estrogen just the standard blood test or did you use an E2 Lcms? What are AAS are you using ?As these unknown variables if someone was to try help you out would help to know.
    Lets just assume that you are like most running an A.I used the standard estrogen test and using some form of testosterone between 200-500mg per week.
    1.) the standard estrogen test in my experience and all my blood work always reads a lot higher then it is ( so if I was mid range on a standard estrogen test and then I got the e2 lcms test it would show I was very low) So I’d be inclined to say there is everychance you have low E2
    2. I find the best way to trouble shoot this being you have done bloodwork is, remove the A.I if you are using it, start using nolvadex to cover yourself from gyno and see after 4 weeks if things have improved. ED is more common with low estrogen at physiological - moderate doses of testosterone/AAS.
    Hope this helps as I was in a similar position and it took me a long time to return to normal as my bloods kept showing I was low-mid range for months little did I know those values are skewed and not accurate, I removed the A.I and slowly over time things started working again. Good luck


    • Motherfkrrjones
      Motherfkrrjones commented
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      Thanks for he reply.
      Nah haven’t been using an a.i mate. Been running 500 test and 1000 deca with 800 eq. Upped the the test to 1000mg and still the same.

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    if your using tren it actually does the same for me, i lose most of my libido while using tren.. then again i usually am tanking estro pretty hard lmao


    • scrumb
      scrumb commented
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      Try tren with higher estrogen mate you will feel like a sex pest, the only catch is it seems high estrogen with tren is antagonist to some of the notorious tren side effects I.e insomnia, night sweats etc

    • Hardvarrk
      Hardvarrk commented
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      i get bloods back soon on e2 levels while still using high dose tren (700mg/wk). i dosed 12.5mg of asin 3 days before test so il'll see what my estro was at. then ill let it slide up a little bit, hopefully my libido will come back to me cheers mate!

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    Could be many things. I would say deca can definitely effect downstairs. Especially at high dosage you are running.


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      Lower the deca to 500


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        I’d usually have deca at or below my test dose- see what happens


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          I'd say check prolactin, all that deca will have it high, get some cabergoline if you haven't already.


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            can you confirm your dosages please

            1000mg testosterone(up from 500), 1000mg deca, 800mg eq?

            how many weeks on cycle when you got the bloodwork, and how many days since the bloodwork now?

            its seems ridiculous to think you dont need an estrogen control on this cycle but you may be an outlier.

            equipoise has caused libido issues in some for reasons other than typical test/est/prolactin and may be the issue.

            id always caution against unnecessarily taking high dose aromatise inhibitor or cabergoline before knowing exactly what the problem is.

            you may want to go back for more bloodwork



            • Motherfkrrjones
              Motherfkrrjones commented
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              Yeah those are the exact dosage and blood work is 4 days old. Was 10 weeks into the blast.
              Yeah I was reading eq could be the culprit here but I’ve decided to drop the eq and deca anyway to go with tren before cruise for a bit

            • Prospect
              Prospect commented
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              I had perfect blood on EQ but it became a lot more difficult to maintain an erection

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            Would almost certainly be all that deca bro 1000 mg deca and only 500 mg test and no a.i will defs do this to you..... the dreaded deca d***! It happens but man your not the only one it’s happened to and won’t be the last. Your doses should 100% be the other way round, always run your test higher than your deca as a rule of thumb. You can get a away with lower test to high with most other compounds but deca can be a real tricky one for the old meat and veg. Was definitely worth a shot upping the test but the damage was probably done. Lower your deca to 5 or 600 and keep your test around 750, more does not always mean more gains but more sides when You get up to that range of dosing. get your self some caber bro as a must if your having these issues .5 mg ever few days and even some hcg go get the boys going again. 1000mg a week of hcg should last you 5 weeks with the caber protocol for the prolactin issue and u should be sweet man! I don’t know it all or your body for that matter and everyone is different just my 2 cents... good luck brother let us know how ya get on


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              Part of the answer is in your first post estrogen in the middle of "normal range". You are not normal, you are very heavily enhanced. On cycle estrogen should not be normal either, it should be at least top of range. Personally I like mine at 200 (or 250+ if I'm running Mast).

              EQ can push estrogen down a bit due to a metabolite, if you're a low aromatiser then low test cycles like this won't work well for you. For the amount of deca/EQ your test 500 is too low if your E2 is that low (assuming you have no AI?).


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                to those blaming the deca it may be a problem for him but ive ran deca at 1g with 250mg test with no ai and i get hard ons all the time, the whole deca must be run lower than test is bull****, but readin ya estro is in mid range id drop the ai n see how ya go, id be usin diff cialis, never heard of it not workin even wen off chops its the sh*t!! haha


                • Hertderg
                  Hertderg commented
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                  Deca flips some guys off like a light switch unless they run much higher test. Dropping estrogen into the low range will probably make the problem worse.

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                Just offering a non hormonal possibility. Have you checked your blood pressure? Are you holding a **** ton of water?


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                  No one seemed to realise his test lvl is only 80.... You can see bloodwork on this forum with test levels between 100-120 on only 500mg test e.
                  Mate you’re using a lot of cooking oil if you test lvl is 80 on 1G of test and 1000 deca with EQ. If his estrogen is in the middle of the range on this, what is it when he isn’t injecting test with natural levels? A lot of bull**** in this post it seems....



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