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  • Filters?????

    Can you give some knowledge out with the filters?
    I feel like most people would be able to decifer the difference between a 0.22um filter and a 0.44um filter, I mean easy enough. But help us out with material.

    PDVF, Nylon, PES, PTFE.
    In this industry, what's best for what? I've tried to research but find very little
    Yeah I umm, I seen some sh*t

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    PES, nylon are faster flowing (quicker filtration time) and are suitable for your standard dosed solutions with standard solvent ratios. Now PVDF while slower flowing (longer filtration time) is a tougher membrane strong enough to withstand higher concentration solutions etc


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      Bigmike I appreciate your reply brother.
      ​I was kinda pissy that oz vials started a new thread after this but completely ignored me 🤣
      Yeah I umm, I seen some sh*t


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        I've only used pes and pvdf but for me pes didn't really work they filter faster but gear comes out cloudy after bout 30mls apparantly the BA breaks down the membrane or something PVDF work perfect and can handle large volumes


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