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  • Liquid Clen

    Has anyone tried liquid Clenbuterol from Core? Is it legitimate Clen? If not, which sponsor has legit pharma grade Clen?

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    Clen aus mate he is a top bloke check him out ...


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      Mrs is very impressed with bio clen


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        Clen aus or muscle pharma clen are awesome
        bro 👍


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          You aren’t going to get Pharm grade clen unless it’s for horses. But most clen will be legit, it’s cheap and you will know if it’s real within an hour


          • Gargz
            Gargz commented
            Editing a comment
            Pharma clen exists, just never been used in Australia as we allready have a full range of Asthma puffers.

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          Liquid clen will be all UGl non will be pharma grade
          The Original MoS Clen & T3


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            If you got your heart set on pharma, maybe email and see if he still has some imported john lee pharmaceuticals clen left, John Lee is one of these Indian pharma companies so I would be hesitant to classify it as real pharma.
            The most common pharma clen is SOPHARMA Clen from Europe, its never been available in Australia as Australia never approved clen for Human use as we have asthma puffers allready available and doesnt really pop up on the black market here, iv only seen it from suppliers a hand full of times.

            Vetrinary grade clen for horses is around, i think austeroids stocks it.

            But ugl clen is just as good, readilly available and cheap.


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              I agree with Gargz and whether you would classify Indian Pharma as real pharma haha however the clen is excellent quality. Also I think you will be fine with any liquid clen from sponsors on here. Its not something that is purposely faked because so easy to tell if fake!
              Please visit to order from one of Australia's most reputable AAS suppliers!