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Coming off blast and cruise

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  • Coming off blast and cruise

    coming off a 12 month b+c

    few options for pct, one being the power pct

    just wondering if anyone has done this before and wanna know you went with recovery

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    Any pct should include hcg at the start (once all esters have cleared) followed by a minimum of 12 weeks of clomid in my opinion (4-6 weeks is not sufficient for long cycles). I came off a 7 month cycle, and had bloods taken 16 weeks post cycle using this method and had my natural test back to above mid range. I was running hcg throughout, and that does make life much better both on and coming off cycle. Because I ran hcg throughout I didn't need to blast it as hard, but if I hadn't I would have run it at approx 2500iu every 3 days for say 3 weeks.


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      Hey Man,

      How many bottles of HCG would I need for 3 weeks of PCT? Also I’ve been on a 12 month cycle blast and cruising. Would I run the same as PCT as this or would it need to be longer? I was thinking of running this

      2000IU of HCG - E3D
      2000IU of HCG - E3D and 100mg Clo ED
      100mg Clo ED and 40mg Nol ED
      50mg Clo ED and 40mg Nol ED

      W1 - W5
      50/50/25/25/12.5 - Clo
      40/20/20/20/10 - Nol

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    Yeah agree with masteron


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      What's a power pct?


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        Agree with Masteronn 100% and hcg is a must


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          Agree longer PCT needed here. Get your bloods done to see where you at.
          Its probably take 3 to 6 months+ to recover.
          Let us know how you get on.