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  • Need some suggestions for work

    Been a baker for 10 years, need a change of scenery open to trying something different but a bit lost where to look.

    Was thinking about getting my forklift or traffic control ticket and going to have a look around but apart from that not sure what to do.

    Anything day shift would be good a bit over the nightwork as i have a young family now.

    Always been a hard worker and pick stuff up really quick, open to any suggestions.

    Thanks guys.

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    Get into a trade buddy , how are you with tools ? Theres always work for electrician, plumbing etc. Have a look and good luck 👍🏻


    • Zeus69
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      Sounds good to me ! , you gotta start somewhere. I hope you figure things out champ 👌🏼

    • Gio
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      How old are you mate ? You might be looking at a mature age apprenticeship

    • Shaun777
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      26. I thought it might be mature age apprenticeship. Probably wouldnt be able to survive on normal 1st year wages

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    Those traffic controllers make a mint, as long as you don’t mind standing there all day 🤷‍♂️


    • kiwilifter
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      Bro it would be sooooo hot and soooo boring - no wonder they get paid amazingly haha!

    • clen aus
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      Any reason why these lolly pop girls are all hot?

    • K1kbak
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      clen aus they probably realised that would get paid more and do less so they dropped out of their beauty course! Lol but seriously how hot are chicks in boots and high vis on 🤷‍♂️

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    Traffic control is unbelievably boring.. Seriously; standing around in all weather for hours & hours.. Somtimes unable to use a bathroom.. Dealing with idiot drivers.. You get seriously stiff.. I personally really didn't dig it.. Jobs all over the place.. Somtimes an hour away.. And if the weather changes.. And for example Energex say it's no longer safe.. Your not guaranteed that pay packet.. There are variables that will come into consideration in regards to that part..And you may get another job that same day.. Dunno' some people totally roll with it & it works for them.. Not me though.. I drink a ton of water.. So not being able to use a bathroom was horrible ha ha.. Like repitive factory work.. Can't do it.. I need to be Busy, constantly doing something.. Watching steel rungs getting punched drove me insane!
    After 2 hours I said put me back on the Westconnex steel job or I'm out. They knew I was a damn hard worker.. So next day I was back on the steel warehousing side..
    But some people can just stand around for 9 hours watching steel being punched.. Ill never forget that sound.. The sound of droning insanity.. Slowly clunking away at your soul ha ha
    Get your fork ticket, White Card, advanced first aid & cpr.. Always helps..


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      Did over 10 years at my previous job working in a warehouse going from the stores to a office for the last 6 years of it
      Also looking for a change i made the move.
      Went into Construction last year and will never look back .
      Rigging / steel erection to be specific.
      Being out doors , working at different sites all over Melbourne/vic , learning a trade.
      Starting base wage of 104k+ before any allowances are added on , 36 hour week , 26 rdos per year which mean plenty of 3 and 4 day weekends even more so over Easter.
      Too hot @35 go home paid ,rain stop work too much rain go home paid too windy stop work even a example Melbourne covered in a haze = too smokey go home after 3 hours paid full day.
      And it only takes 10 - 15 days to do the 4 courses for the tickets you need .
      When i really think of it its bloody bonkers and wonder why never did this earlier.
      Plus ladies love the tradies.


      • Gio
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        Didn’t realise riggers mate that much heh

      • Hd274
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        There are a few types of rigging and all pay different but it all depends on the eba your on. We are a part of the cfmeu eba for steel Erection so wages ,travel,petrol,site allowences etc are all listed on the web site.

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      Crane operator job and make good coin.start at the bottom and make your way up.ive got a couple mates that have done it and they love it.


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        Dude, I work for a pretty large building company. Constantly have about 10 apprentices on the go. I've seen it all. I would highly recommend calling a local company and ask to speak to the HR Dept, or whoever is in charge of hiring. It's a strange thing that everyone is too scared to do, but whenever people have the balls to call and inquire about how to get a job, I'll always give them the time of day.

        Anyway, call a local building company, tell them you're looking for an adult apprenticeship. They may even hire you, and organise your schooling. Or at least point you in the right direction.

        I have had huge success with adult apprenticeship over school based apprentices.
        If you are keen and ready to get stuck in, you can be on tradesmen wages in 3 years.

        Go son go
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        • clen aus
          clen aus commented
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          what would a adult apprenticship salary be?

        • Tups101
          Tups101 commented
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          Please please please take my word for it.

          I've seen it happen heaps of times.

          I tell guys, the starting wage, and they say "aw I can't work for that etc etc"......2 years later the wages are totally different and the adult apprentices that pulled their socks up...are nearly a full fledged tradesman.

          Wages start at approx $15 hr. Which is very low, but manageable bfor a short while. If you show initiative you could be on $25 within 2 years, $30 once a tradie if capable....or once a tradie, resign and become a contractor on $45 - $55 hr

        • JDM
          JDM commented
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          Depending on your trade, you can make 70-80 an hour

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        Try caring job, for Nursing, hospital staffing, disability worker, driver as activity staff, you will never run out of work, rewarding and an important community member nationally recognized, hope this help goodluck bro


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          Try getting a job in the flour Mill industry lots of ex bakery staff working there mate making packing flour and baking products


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            Easy bro, do a riggers ticket, doggers ticket, scaffolding ticket. Any of these tickets is a way to get your foot in the door, most take a week.
            I would highly recommend scaffolding because you’ll nearly instantly get a job - it’s physical but i know a lot and worked around and the boys always have a laugh and seem to be on solid crews

            Benefit tickets - EWP, forklift, white card (you need this for any job in the industry),working at heights

            hope it helps brother!

            + they all are over or on $35 an hour


            • Hd274
              Hd274 commented
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              Correct .
              Basic rigging ticket - 4 days
              Dogging - 4 days
              Ewp - 2 days
              White card - Online in your own time
              Our starting rate is $40 hour (had no experience when i started) for the probation period then up to eba rates $55+ hour .
              Then add allowences on top
              Travel allowance $46 a day
              Site allowances if union site $3 - $4.50 per hour
              Petrol allowence etc
              Then over time rates of $100+ per hour all.adds up quick.
              Not sure about scaffys but this is the norm for steel Erection eba with cfmeu