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Gold Coast mail blitz ....

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  • Gold Coast mail blitz ....

    Presuming it coincided with schoolies however hope our sponsors stay vigilant ....

    hope link works ...

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    Definitely schoolies related. Happens every year!


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      They missed a few... 😆


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        They got a bit farken pigs


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          Got SFA mate

          23 packages were detected to be concealing illegal substances such as; prescription medication, performance and image enhancing drugs and cannabis oil, with a collective estimated street value of approximately $10,800.

          So in the real world they probably got 2k worth of stuff and cost taxpayers around 10k lol if any court proceeding stems from it you can jack the taxpayer cost up to 50k.

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        Looks almost like the copper who did the raid had the key to the door when he got in. Also surprised that the cops knew there was money inbetween the cupboard as they were undrilling

        Im my areas cops are brutal and would of kicked door in
        The Original MoS Clen & T3


        • Bigmike
          Bigmike commented
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          The article mentioned "assistance from the public" so was definitely a tip off and knew what they were looking for and where to find it.

        • WAR13
          WAR13 commented
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          looks like someones pissed another dealer off or ripped a customer off. f*ck the shard dealer they get what they get but why do they need to take all that lovely whoopee weed. cmon what stoned c*nts gonna go rip anyone off or cause violence...cmon man lets go rob a bank, ok man one more i forgot what we were doing... want another cone man?