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    So here is my intro and I feel like I'm going to cop a lot of ****. But might as well give everyone all this info as you guys are more experienced than I am and I would like to hear your thoughts.

    Age: 21
    Weight: 70kg
    BF%: 10

    Bench Press: 100kg
    Squat: 150kg
    Deadlift: 170kg
    Shoulder Press: 70kg

    I'm, 5 ft 7 and pretty much stopped growing in late high school. I have about 3 years of lifting experience and only started gyming as it was required for the school rugby team. Was extremely skinny when I started lifting (couldn't bench the bar).

    So I play scrum half for the under 21 side at my local rugby team. It's a pretty big competition with international players sometimes subbing in for the bigger teams. As I am turning 22, I will be heading into the open division with some much bigger boys. I've looked at steroids as a possibility for the off season.

    I have the gear which is enough for 500mg test e for 10 weeks. I have arimidex and nolva for pct. Whether I actually go through with this idk.

    I'd like some feedback from you guys.

    Cheers for reading

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    GDay mate nice lifts for your weight!


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      Welcome matey.


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        Welcome bro. Honestly, at your age I'd reconsider using gear. You've got some half decent strength and a good body fat percentage, but you have to think about your endocrine system, whether you might want to have kids later, whether a 10 week cycle is going to cut it (you'd more than likely need to take it all season for performance enhancement) etc. You are going to lose performance when you go off cycle so you'd want to run it from a few weeks before preseason ends, and go off cycle after the end of the season. Something to think about.


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          Hertderg beat me to it, you are far to young at 21 to be looking at gear, you have a lot more growth in you naturally, id be adjusting your diet first



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