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Low dose multi compound cycles

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  • Low dose multi compound cycles

    It appears that the trend toward lower doses with more ideal compound combos appear to be rising. Getting a bit older and noticing that simply upping the dosages of single compounds esp wet ones is merely resulting in a poor results to side effects ratio. I’m wanting to formulate some safer yet more efficacious cycles. What are your thoughts on the following combos and dosages for some clean moderate gains. I’m looking to maximise the results of the compounds used by creating a synergistic effect between test based, nandrolone based and DHT based compounds.

    250 Test E
    200 Deca D
    200 Primo E


    250 Test E
    200 Tren E
    Anavar 25mg / day

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    I think it’s the way forward for safety purposes


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      250 test u
      300 mast
      75 dhb
      50 anavar Ed

      got a very well trimmed look


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        low dose is great

        wouldnt make it too complicated but you need to understand the application of the drugs rather than just
        creating a ****tail.

        anywhere between 60-350mg testosterone paired with one other compound. (If the user doesnt tolerate test side effects use at little as possible)

        1. Primo 200-400mg - 60-350mg test
        2. Mast 200-400mg - paired with 250-350mg test
        3. Deca 200-400mg - 60-250mg test
        4. DHB 75-225mg - 60-250mg test
        5. Just testosterone, 2-4mg per KG.

        dbh has some bad wrap online about possible health risk but so far ive seen guys get great results on very little amounts, it is liver and kidney toxic from what i understand

        Depending on the personal preference / goal at the time will guide you as what to choose

        then you can periodise the drug use to suit your diet and training schedule over the coming weeks/months ie start low end dose and ramp up.

        i think its a great way to keep things sensible in the off season and just focus on your training etc, if you’re planning a comp there’s your excuse to exceed the dose range



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          Agree with what's posted here, DHTs are the sh*t imho + reasonable dose of test and youre good to go. Clean cycle with no need for an AI.

          Dunno about dhb and its liver/kidney toxicity. Ive read about it but when i was using 4-5mls of evls dhb per week my kidney and liver values were all within range bar bilirubin, that was at 23, range is <20.

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        depends if your goals are image or strength related


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          Originally posted by ncnspkus View Post
          depends if your goals are image or strength related
          Very true.

          If you want to be huge and strong you're going to need to blast pretty simple really, large doses & wet compounds though can be done on other compounds/dosages.

          If you want the long life/relative side-effect free,
          low-moderate test + low-moderate dht.

          Really does depend on your goals, training, diet etc etc

          Though personally after a fair bit of trial & error I'm a big fan of low dose multi-compound cycles, they're the way to go IMHO.


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            1+1=4, why take an AI or get excessive sides if you don’t need to.
            Time and place for everything but as most guys said above it depends on your goals.
            personally I prefer your test/deca/primo cycle, or even swap the primo for proviron


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              Test + Mast + Anavar
              Test + NPP + Mast P + Anavar
              Test + Mast + Primo + Anavar
              Test + Mast + Deca

              I tend to rotate through these, depending on what I'm trying to tune in, and what bloods are doing. I very rarely use any ancillaries, but I run peptides pretty constantly.

              I always start with test @ 3-4mg/kg, the make up the rest with the other compounds. By the rest I mean what's left over after I subtract the test dosage from total mg/bodyweight.

              Much prefer low dosages. The gains are better and more sustainable.


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                Low dose test, tren, and masteron in my opinion is the best cycle for what you’re after


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                  I’m a couple weeks into 400mg Test (300 E 100 P SuperTest) and 200mg Tren E and 50mg Proviron ED hoping you Lean out loose some body fat.


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                    I'm about to run test e 200mg mast e 300mg weeks 1 -12 var 20mg per day weeks 7 - 14. For my goals I find low dose and DHT compounds to be more then effective.


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                      Test p, tren a and var for me was the perfect combination for lean mass growth, fat loss and muscle hardening. And there was none of the soft look I got from test only and test/npp cycles.


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                        test e 300-350mg - master e 600mg - tren e 300mg is a great cycle mate - no need for any AI's but have them on hand caber also. lean gains, hardening effect next level and BF loss also. Great for summer introduce the wet stuff over winter.


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                          Does anyone do similar multi compound protocols for TRT, low dose Test+Deca, Test+Mast etc?


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                            Not worth it imo

                            I did test,deca for a while, fox’s in the us prescribe 70-120mg with trt, I tried and wasn’t that grest

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                          Appreciate everyone’s input, appears I’m on the correct path 👍🏻. Masteron keeps coming up as a perennial favourite, mostly as an anti estrogen. Does it yield much if anything in the way of gains also?


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                            Masteron, in my opinion, is very under-rated. It works well as an anti-est, but also gives you more bang for your test buck. I find the gains much harder and more lean. You'll need to be patient with these types of cycles, but it's worth it.