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    I am 57, 12.5% body fat, solid and stocky 5'7", 82kg.. this is my cycle and training regime that I have adopted for the last nearly 12 months and would appreciate feedback or really like to hear similar aged dudes regime... I take Test E 125mg .5ml a week, trt dosage, not high not low, every friday.. just at the end of a deca 400mg a week cycle, only 8 weeks and just started a 250mg a week Tren E cycle of 8 weeks... so the whole cycle will end up as a 16 week cycle.. So now I am just doing Tren E 250mg and my Test E 125mg a week, nice and low... And thinking of finishing it off with 3 weeks of Superdrol at 20mg a day.. then a big break with some Sarms for a while but keeping my trt dosage cruising along.. Now my training I find for my age I need a rest day every second day so am doing Day 1 Chest/Shoulders Day 2 Rest Day 3 Back Day 4 Rest then back to chest / shoulders... What about legs??? Well I am adding them in to either workout as I feel the need as through kickboxing and muay thai i have had operations on both knees and need to constantly monitor the need for comfort over training etc... My workouts are mainly compound excercises and rarely go longer than 45 minutes, Benching 100kgs 3x 8 reps, incline d/bell bench 3x 6 reps 40kg d/bells so for 57 not bad, the head**** for me is getting the d/bells into position safely more than the actual reps, lol... What are other dudes in their 50's or more doing??? training and gear wise, even though it seems i am doing a reasonably intensive gear session now it is only low dose and usually not this full on... really interested in hearing back of what works for others.. I monitor my blood pressure with a good monitor especially when on Tren and Deca etc.

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    Sounds pretty full on mate personally I would be keeping sdrol for pre-workout only while on tren and even then it made me feel bulletproof and I tore my knee doing legcurls and jacked my elbow which are both still ****e I'm 46 and the strength increase was just too much haha


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      Yeah good advice dude.. Thanks


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        Hey Fatboy, it's bloody inspirational to see a bloke with your vintage going hard. I'm in my 40's and hope to be able to still lift that well when I hit your age. You seem pretty comfortable with lower doses of compounds, if you're really keen on Superdrol I'd look at just 10mg per day pre workout. It's epically strong stuff and as stated above it's easy to get carried away adding weight to your lifts when you're on it.


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          Hey thanks Thebeard, was thinking of just 10 on reflection.. Train hard, play hard...


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            Geez that's pretty awesome for 57 how do you go with the tren sides?


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              At only 250mg a week I don't have any physical sides, bit hot headed but not too bad. Only 8 odd weeks and won't touch again for a long time.. Deca is great for older dudes, good for joints and easy on sides.



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