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Offering Ongoing Nutritional Guidance and Programming

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  • Offering Ongoing Nutritional Guidance and Programming

    J.Archer Thankyou for your approval.

    Hey guys Hrvtska here. So a bit of information on myself. I have an exercise and sports science background. level 1 and 2 certified by N1 education and compete as an open class bodybuilder and am here to offer a service to the community.

    The service I will be offering is ongoing week to week dietary changes, 4 week mesocycle blocks (workout programs for 4 weeks at a time) and AAS protocols if the client is enhanced and needs some guidance. All individualised to meet the individuals goals.

    I currently have both male and female cliental and will only take on individuals who are serious about taking their training to the next level

    Few articles for reference I have provided on the BS forum

    Mick1984 @PVIP and @dragonfly69 are all part of my team, and their results speak for themselves. Feel free to contact them for any questions on my coaching.

    If you are serious about taking your physique to the next level and be part of the team of human freaks “PM” me and we can discuss your goals.

    Pricing is as follows

    Initial consultation - $200 *one off payment*

    Dietary Changes (reviewed weekly) - $150 a month

    Dietary Changes (reviewed weekly) + Programming (4 weeks) - $200 a month

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    Paid and received promptly, diet and training programme in place for 2 months now. Seen more results from what he has showed me than what I have in a long time
    look no further for the next level in training and dieting.
    he knows his stuff would highly recommend


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      IS N1 qualifications based on , online training modules or hands on.


      • Hrvtska
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        Online training modules and assessments. Hands on is US based only from my knowledge.

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        A huge fitness misconception is that it's impossible to build muscle without a gym or some type of fitness center.
        In this video I will share with you a full body workout that targets your chest, back, legs, arms,
        and shoulders in which you can do at home without any weights. Home workouts, are a great way to get it done!
        sometimes things happen that will prevent us from going to a gym, whether that being
        financial hardships or gym shutdown. So it's always important to be able to utilize your
        environment at home to still accomplish your goals and hit your total body.
        Don't allow outside influences to make or break your gains! Also, don't forget
        that the biggest asset is THE KITCHEN!

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      Nice addition to the forum, nice work man
      Please visit to order from one of Australia's most reputable AAS suppliers!


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        Thanks mate

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      Been working with Hrvtska for a few months now so far its been worth every cent have leaned out while gaining size changes to my diet have made me feel great
      After the initial payment the diet and training schedule were received quickly and he's always there to answer any questions. All I can say is get on to it you won't regret it


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        Been in team Hrvtska for 2 months now and it’s been the best decision I have made for my training and eating. He has always had time for me to answer questions doesn’t matter what time of the day it is. If he hasn’t heard from you in few days he always drops a message to see if every things is ok, he isn’t just here to take your money.

        If you need a change in your training and diet he is the man to see don’t look anywhere else straight out and simple


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          Hrvtska's been my coach for maybe 7 months now.

          i've got nothing but glowing things to say not only about his coaching but also about him as a person.


          I thought i knew something about diet and programming... when Hrvtska started coaching me i realised I DIDNT KNOW ****

          Initially he stabilised my metabolism and built it up til it was on fire.. then within maybe 3 months i lost 10kg and 3.5 inches off my waist

          NO T3, NO DNP, NO CLEN... just diet, programming and moderate AAS

          i basically re-comped 10kg of fat down.. lost almost no muscle..

          I went from looking like a pro rugby player on the tail end of a bali bender to being in the best shape i been in for 10 years or more

          THE GUY

          Great guy. Totally legit and upfront. Very empathetic but at the same time will keep you accountable and will make you work.

          He's got plenty of real world comp experience too so what he's getting you to do isnt just from a textbook but from real life experience of his and his competition peers.

          Cant go wrong with this guy fellas. And its a bargain when you think about it compared to all the other money we spend doing this sport.


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            Thought I would give these guys a go......I tried to keep my diet clean ect but when you don’t have a task master to answer to everything falls by the wayside every now and then. I found their service was spot on and the meals are easy to prep even for a shift worker. I highly recommend these guys if you really want the best out of your hard earned sweat and money.


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              Hrvtska throw up some photos .
              it would be good to see and could possibly push your cause a little .
              before the smart asses jump in yes I want diccpics too.


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                Agree mate b4 & after pics would def sway me


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                  Originally posted by Jd81 View Post
                  Hrvtska throw up some photos .
                  it would be good to see and could possibly push your cause a little .
                  before the smart asses jump in yes I want diccpics too.
                  Lucky im here to mod the smart karnts lol


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                    Hey all! I haven't been as active in this forum as I once used to be due to life throwing it's challenges at me.... but that's how it is.

                    Let's talk about hrvtska and what he has to offer you guys and girls from my first hand experience.

                    Right from the start he was a no fuss straight talking guy. Honest and as decent as they get. Was giving advice before I was even part of his amazing program.

                    I had tossed up the idea of getting a coach for a while and my only regret was not joining his team earlier. The advice and knowledge has been the number 1 asset to my training for the past 9 months or so of working with him.

                    Weekly check ins with tailored nutrition plan to suit a personal training program. On going advice when needed. It's really a no brainer for me. It took the guess work out of my training and made it become more enjoyable as well. Having someone else helping me along the way I guess.

                    When I first started I was around 100kgs pretty lean at the end of a cycle. Now I sit at about 112kgs first thing in the morning fully dehydrated and empty. This is my off cycle weight as well. Last cycle I was pushing 118kgs. The one and only cycle whilst working with Hrvtska. Just for the record I do blast and cruise.

                    I have only done one cycle in the whole 9 months and with the help of Hrvtska have really cracked down on pushing the most out of my training and diet opposed to gear abuse. My measurements are the real big change more then the weight. Up almost 2-3inches on my arms, chest and quads. With the waist staying about the same.

                    I hate pbotos and don't like doing them but for Hrvtska I have attached a couple. The side by side is before and after working with Hrvtska. Arm shot because well.... who doesn't love an arm shot. Just remember the photo on the right is off cycle after working with Hrvtska and the one on the left is at the end of a cycle before working with him.

                    Do yourselves a favour people and get onto this guy!


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                          FNQpump Jd81 Before and after back lat spread and a juicy 20 inch arm shot for the community of Mick1984
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                            Your a fkn machine bro.
                            Awesome rig