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Where to Buy Steroids in Australia

Australian Steroid Supplier –Its been a couple of years since I introduced a legitimate Australian steroid supplier to the site, so I thought I should update this for 2019. Now I still recommend the same supplier as I did in 2014 for buying steroids, but they have a new name now: Gear Phoenix. You may know them as Gear Oz and in over 5 years I have heard nothing but quality feedback from visitors and members of this site, as well as my own perfect experiences using these guys.

Launched in October 2014 and I have since built up a personal relationship with the men behind the site so I can vouch for their quality and commitment to helping you reach your goals. It doesn’t have the range of Napsgear and can’t match their prices but it can get your gear to you within a week and its all shipped from within Australia so no hassles dealing with customs. I recommend them for all your basic cycles/stacks and then using Napsgear for anything they don’t stock. You can check them out by clicking here.

Australian Steroid Suppliers Advantages & Disadvantages:

Learn a bit about what steroids are:


  • Effective – These steroids will work better than anything you have tried before. The gains are amazing.
  • Quality – Only stock the best names in the business
  • Quick Shipping – Most orders are received with a week, no 3 week wait like the overseas suppliers
  • No Customs – All shipments are guaranteed, never again lose your cash to customs


  • Side Effects – Real steroids have a number of side effects most of it mitigated by correct use but there is danger nonetheless.
  • Limited Range – The range is constantly improving but can’t match the behemoth that is Napsgear. Stocks the most popular gear though.
  • Higher Prices – The prices are higher than Napsgears unfortunately but this is somewhat offset by the fact you won’t lose any orders.

A Great Aussie Steroids Source

If you need a supplier then you should be using Gear Phoenix:

  • Australian Based supplier so no issues with customs
  • 100% delivery success guarantee – Free reship if Auspost lose it
  • Highest quality gear available in Australia
  • Lots of Pharmaceutical branded gear
  • Recieve your gear within a week
  • Over 290 postive reviews and counting
  • All the major steroid products – As well as full PCT and HGH

So if you are thinking about sending me another email looking for a source, don’t and instead you should check out You can view the website by clicking here.

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  1. Key

    Hey jake have you heard of agparma iv been talking to em threw wickr seems legit and ship localy just still not 100%

  2. Navman

    My order has been processed with Gear Phoenix almost 2 weeks ago and I haven’t received my package yet! Is this a normal waiting time for postage?

  3. TTerry Is a complete scam . Paid by Western Union . My money was collected and then no more correspondence from and nothing arrived .

  4. N2GUARD. I ordered 1 Bottle of n2guard and 1 bottle of Krill -TS From Need to build muscle. The price was AUD $162 For both and he gave me another bottle of KRILL / TS at no extra cost. I t took 14 days to get here. He will do a deal for all of his products.

  5. Who’s got the goods in need of some test dbol tablets and some liver savers plenty of business just need a good supplier the blok I’ve been using hasn’t been righting back to me I can get a little annoying with questions but other than that just want good gear easy to purchase and have posted hit me up

    1. John Funk

      I ordered a vial of gear from Gear Phoenix , Paid using Bitcoin ,sent the confirmation of payment email and no gear arrived nor did I even get a response from them !!
      I think it’s all just a SCAM

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